Avnimelech, 1947, p. 296

Helladastraea Avnimelech, 1947, p. 296 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Aspidiscus Koenig, 1825, p. 1.

Type Species

Aspidiscus felixi Renz, 1930; Original Designation Avnimelech, 1947, p. 296

Type Specimen: Holotype; NMB ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Cretaceous of Kiona massif, Panourgias, Greece.

The type material is housed in the Natural History Museum Basel, Switzerland, under NMB D2932–D2943.


In a recently published paper, Löser (2011) re-instated the genus on the basis of the presence of conical monticules in Helladastraea and the development of polygonal monticules in Aspidiscus, and noted that: "The genus was originally introduced as a subgenus of Aspidiscus. Today it is generally considered a junior synonym of this genus (e. g. GILL and LAFUSTE 1987). Helladastraea differs from Aspidiscus in having conical monticules whereas Aspidiscus has polygonal monticules, in some species mixed with conical monticules." Since this statement proves that Helladastraea represents a variation of Aspidiscus, they are considered synonymous.


  • North Africa; Early Cretaceous
  • Southern Europe; Late Cretaceous

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