Lafuste, 1957, p. 150

Heliostylina Lafuste, 1957, p. 150 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Heliocoenia Etallon, 1859, p. 74/ 474.

Heliostylina was initially created as a subgenus of Stylina

Type Species

Adelocoenia corallina d’Orbigny, 1850, p. 32; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Lectotype; MNHN R09321; Not Traced; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Corallian (now Kimmeridgian; Upper Jurassic) of Angoulins (France)

For reasons of secondary homonymy with Heliocoenia corallina Koby, 1881, the type species was also named Heliocoenia orbignyi Roniewicz 1966 in infringement of the principle of priority.



Heliostylina was defined as a hexameral coral like Stylina in the young stage and a bilateral coral like Heliocoenia in the adult stage. The bilaterality is obtained in some calices by the absence of 4 S3 in lateral sectors.


Initially thought as an intermediate between Stylina and Heliocoenia on the basis of the septal insertion, Heliostylina is considered as a junior synonym of Heliocoenia (Roniewicz 1966, 1976). For Zaman (2012) also, Heliostylina represents the normal set of developmental features observed in Heliocoenia.

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