Reig Oriol, 1988, p. 44

Angelismilia Reig Oriol, 1988, p. 44 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Trochosmilia Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848, p.467.

Type Species

Trochosmilia portisi d'Angelis d'Ossat, 1905, 223, pl. 15 (II), figs 2a-f; Original Designation Reig Oriol, 1988, p. 44

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Aptian of Spain (Cataluna).

The syntypes are housed at MGB (Barcelona) under 30542 and at MPUR (Rome) under "i 421", "i 422", and "i 423".


Individual specimens belonging to the type material seem to correspond to different genera like e.g. Peplosmilia, Trochosmilia, and others. Therefore, this group is in need of a detailed revision.


  • Southern Europe; Early Cretaceous

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