d'Orbigny, 1849 manuscript in Milne Edwards and Haime (July 1849) p. 71

Anabacia is an unrecognizable genus The subsequent spelling Anabracia by d'Orbigny 1849 is considered as a misspelling of the same taxon.

Type Species

Madrepora porpita Parkinson 1808 p. 33; Monotypy

Type Specimen: Unknown; ; Lost; Unknown

The nomenclatural issue is explained in details in Thomas, 1935. Most of Anabacia species are now included within the genus Chomatoseris Thomas, 1935.

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Illustration from Parkinson, 1811, pl. 4 fig. 6. original legend: The shirt-button madreporite, (Madrepora Porpita). Linn., type species of Anabacia