Alloiteau, 1969: 926

Junior subjective synonym of Cyathophora Michelin, 1841

Type Species

Amphiphora serannensis Alloiteau , 1969: 826, pl. 28: 1-3.; Monotypy Alloiteau 1969: 926

Type Specimen: Holotype; MNHN LM 194; Not Traced; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Méjanel, near to Pègairolles –de-Buèges, France. Portlandian, Late Jurassic.

Misinterpretation of tabuloid intracalicular dissepiments of Cyathophora, observed in transverse section of calices, as pocked budding (Alloiteau 1969: 927, pl. 28: 3) caused an inproper classification of the coral to the Amphiastraeidae

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