Laube, 1865: 262

Type Species

Elysastrea fischeri Laube 1865:262, pl. 5, fig. 6; Monotypy Laube 1865:262

Type Specimen: Holotype; MB K.1655; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: St. Cassian ( = Stuores after Volz, 1896), Dolomites, Southern Alps. Carnian, Late Triassic

The type specimen from the Laube collection has been recently examined by Roniewicz. In literature, the name Elysastrea has been frequently used and applied to different corals.



Cerioid and/or meandroid. Increase intracalicular without linkages between centers. Radial elements of septal type. Internal septal edges free or temporarily giving origin to a solid columella. Septal faces covered with pennules which may form menianes. Endotheca dissepimental. Intercorallite wall built of peripheral margins of alternating septa of adjacent corallites. Holotheca present.


The genus differs from other cerioid and cerioid-meandroid Triassic corals in small corallites with pennular septal micromorphology.


The name Elysastrea was applied by diverse authors in the literature to different corals.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic

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