Cairns, 1994, p. 68

Type Species

Platytrochus rubescens Moseley, 1876, p. 553, no fig.; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Syntype; NHMUK 1880.11.25.163; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Recent: Banda Sea, 236 m (Challenger-192)

The type species is well described by Cairns (1994). Four syntypes.



Corallum cuneiform, with rounded base and transversely ridged, alate edge crests; relatively large (up to 20 mm in GCD); theca imperforate; costae granular, independent in origin, numbering twice that of septa; four cycles of seta; pali absent; columella linear-papillose.


Differs from Pleotrochus in having edge crests and lacking pali.


This genus and family was monographed by Cairns (1997), which includes a phylogenetic analysis based on morphology.


  • East Asia; Pleistocene
  • Western Pacific; Recent
Depth 180-751 m, Figured in Cairns 1997: fig 1a, 4a

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Calicular view of corallum
Lateral view of corallum