Cuif, 1976:160

Type Species

Alakiria spheroidea Cuif, 1976:160, pl. 17, fig. 4,5, text-fig. 30; Monotypy Cuif, 1976:160

Type Specimen: Holotype; MNHN ; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Valley Alakir Cay, Taurus Mountains, Anatolia, Turkey. Early Norian, Late Triassic


Astraeoid. Calices distributed homogeneously. Radial elements compact,in the midseptal zone a line is discernible. Lateral septal parts are built of fibrobnormal sclerenchyme with fascicles of fibres differentiated in connection with lateral septal micromorphology. Lateral granulation well expressed. Endotheca dissepimental with discernible rudiments of lonsdaleoid septa on the surface.


Briefly described type specimen in Cuif 1976:160.


Superficial resemblance of this genus to Oedalmia Cuif and Lupitschia Cuif (recte Thamnasteriamorpha Melnikova) was discussed by Cuif 1976 who was of the opinion that Alakiria differs from both genera in a non-thamnasterioid, but astraeoid type of colony structure.

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