Reuss, 1864, p. 15

Type Species

Agathiphyllia explanata Reuss, 1864: 15, pl. 2, figs 7-9; Subsequent Designation Vaughan, 1919: 194

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Type locality: Lower Oligocene of Slovenia (Gornji Grad, Oberburg).

The holotype of the type species is housed at the GBA under 1864/2/25



Colonial, submassive, plocoid, Gemmation extracalicinal. Costosepta compact, nonconfluent; costae strongly developed. Columella trabecular; strong paliform lobes present. Wall synapticulothecal, septothecal due to secondary thickening. Endothecal dissepiments vesicular.


Paleocene of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, Eocene of Bosnia, France (Nice), Herzegovina, Italy, and ?Syria, Middle Eocene of the USA (California), Upper Eocene of Panama (Gatuncillo Formation) and Spain, Lower Oligocene of Bulgaria and Mexico (Rancho Berlin Sandstone), Oligocene of Germany (Bavaria), Italy (Crosara, Monte Grumi, ?Savona, ?Sassello), Jamaica, Slovenia, Somalia, and the ?Dominican Republic (see Frost and Langenheim, 1974, p. 261), Upper Oligocene of Antigua (Antigua Formation), Cuba, Iran (Qom Formation), Mexico (Rancho Berlin Sandstone and La Quinta Formation), and Puerto Rico, Miocene of France, Lower Miocene of Mexico (Simojovel, Pueblo Nuevo Reef, Rio Lajas Limestone) and Italy.

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Agathiphyllia anguillensis (Vaughan, 1919), holotype
Agathiphyllia explanata Reuss, 1864, syntype