Reuss, 1854, p. 82

Agathelia Reuss, 1854, p. 82 is a replacement taxon for Phyllastraea de Fromentel, 1879, p. 485.

Type Species

Agathelia asperella Reuss, 1854: 82, pl. 9, figs 10-12.; Original Designation Reuss, 1854: 82, pl. 9, figs 10-12.

Type Specimen: Neotype; ; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Upper Santonian of Austria (Neffgraben, Gosau Group).

The neotype of the type species is housed at GBA under 1854/82.




Colonial, massive, plocoid. Gemmation extracalicinal. Costosepta compact, radially or bilaterally arranged in 6 systems. Stunted septa present. Distal septal margin covered with small subequal denticles. Septal flanks ornamented with spiniform granulae aligned in a row that lies perpendicular to the distal margin. Columella feebly developed, parietal-spongy to lamellar. Auriculae present before S3 and younger. Endothecal dissepiments vesicular to subtabulate. Exothecal dissepiments vesicular, abundant. Septothecal wall with stunted septa. Wall covered by concentric perithecal lamellae. Perithecal sheets with granulate surface and separated by vesicular dissepiments. Microstructure of perithecal lamellae is identical with that in Heterocoeniidae.


  • Central Europe; Early Cretaceous - Late Cretaceous
  • Subsaharan Africa; Early Cretaceous
  • North Africa; Oligocene

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Agathelia neocomiensis (de Fromentel, 1879), holotype
Agathelia asperella (Reuss, 1854)
Agathelia asperella (Reuss, 1854), topotype, Reuss collection