Orbigny, 1850, vol. 2, p. 92

Acanthocoenia Orbigny, 1850, vol. 2, p. 92 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Stylina Lamarck, 1816.

Type Species

Acanthocoenia rathieri Orbigny, 1850, vol. 2, p. 92; Monotypy Orbigny, 1850, vol. 2, p. 92

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Lower Cretaceous of France (Chenay).



D'Orbigny used the species name twice to create Enallhelia rathieri d'Orbigny (1850, vol. 2, p. 91) and Acanthocoenia rathieri d'Orbigny (1850, vol. 2, p. 92). From his original descriptions it is clear that he was referring to generically different forms: Enallhelia rathieri is a branching form with external striations and Acanthocoenia rathieri d'Orbigny is a Stylina with a septal development in five systems and corallites slightly projecting as in Phyllocoenia. Because the latter features have been regarded as species-defining characteristics (like they have been for e.g. Actinastrea, Agathelia, Placocoenia, and many others), Acanthocoenia d'Orbigny is considered a junior synonym of Stylina.


  • Central Europe; Early Cretaceous

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