Lamarck, 1801



  • Western Europe; Oligocene
  • Caribbean; Oligocene
  • Caribbean; Miocene - Pliocene
  • Western Europe; Miocene
  • South Asia; Miocene
  • Central America; Miocene
  • Caribbean; Miocene
  • South America; Miocene
  • Southeast Asia; Miocene
  • Central America, Caribbean; Pliocene - Pleistocene
  • North America; Pliocene
  • Central America; Pliocene
  • Caribbean; Pliocene
  • East Asia; Pleistocene - Holocene
  • North America; Pleistocene
  • Central America; Pleistocene
  • Caribbean; Pleistocene
  • South America; Pleistocene
  • Western Atlantic; Recent
  • North America; Holocene
  • Central America; Holocene
  • Caribbean; Holocene
  • South America; Holocene
Source: Paleobiology database (accessed June 26th, 2012), Veron (2000). Historical distribution: Miocene-Recent., West Indies (Wells, 1956). Distribution compiled by Matthew Tibbits.

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