Reuss, 1854, p. 115

Adelastrea Reuss, 1854, p. 115 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Brachymeandra Alloiteau, 1957.

Type Species

Adelastrea leptophylla Reuss, 1854, p. 115, pl. 12, figs 3-4.; Original Designation Beauvais, 1982, vol. 2, p. 47

Type Specimen: Holotype; unknown; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Turonian to Campanian of Austria (Gosau Group)

The syntypes are housed at NHMW under 1864/0040/1400.



Reuss (1854, p. 115) was of the opinion that, for linguistic reason, the genus Confusastraea d'Orbigny was invalid and, therefore, he re-named it Adelastea in order to replace the genus-name Confusastraea d'Orbigny. Later, Milne Edwards (1857) synonymized the genera Confusastraea d'Orbigny, Complexastraea d'Orbigny, and the name-replacement Adelastrea Reuss, whereas Vauhan and Wells (1943), and Wells (1956) grouped Adelastrea Reuss with Synastrea Milne Edwards and Haime. According to Alloiteau (1957) and Beauvais (1982, vol. 2, p. 47), Confusastraea d'Orbigny and Complexastraea d'Orbigny represent two different gerena, neither to which Adelastrea corresponded. Therefore, Beauvais (1982) created the genus Brachycoenia by using the type material of Adelastrea Reuss, 1854. Later, Baron-Szabo (2002) grouped the genus Brachycoenia Beauvais with the genus Brachymeandra Alloiteau (1957).

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