Trauth, 1911, p. 171

Ahrdorffia Trauth, 1911, p. 171 is a replacement taxon for Mesomorpha Pratz, 1882-1883, p. 114.

Type Species

Porites stellulata Reuss, 1854, p. 129, pl. 13, figs. 9-10; Original Designation Trauth, 1911, p. 171-172

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Coniacian of Austria (Gosau Group at Hornegg).

(=Ahrdorffia mammillata [Reuss, 1854], which is the type species of Mesomorpha Pratz, 1882-1883; for more details see Mesomorpha Pratz).




Colony massive, subthamnasterioid. Budding intracalicular. Septa compact, subconfluent or confluent. Distal margin of septa ornamented with delicate denticles. Lateral surface of septa with spiniform granulae. Synapticulae abundant. Columella styliform. Endothecal dissepiments abundant. No wall between the calices. Septa composed of simple trabeculae.

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