Frech, 1890, p. 42


Solitary, phaceloid or colonial: cerioid or meandroid; increase intracalicular or lateral; radial elements composed of septal spines more or less fused with each other, free at the inner septal margin; endotheca vesiculous or tabuloid; microstructure composed of bundles of fibers.


The family represents a group of corals of a specific microstructure: bundles of fibers which form septal spines and a stereomal lining of dissepiments. This feature differentiates the stylophyllids from corals of trabecular microstructure.


The core group contains Stylophyllum Reuss, Stylophyllipsis Frech, Phacelostylophyllum Melnikova, Pamirophyllum Melnikova and Meandrostylis Frech


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