Alloiteau, 1952

This family also includes the Family Acrosmiliidae Loeser, 1994, p. 26 (ex Acrosmiliidae Vaughan, 1905) because Vaughan (1905) did not create such family. As a matter of fact, Vaughan (1905) did not mention the nominate taxon Acrosmilia d'Orbigny in his work. Acrosmiliidae Loeser, 1994, represents a junior homonym and junior synonym of Acrosmilia Alloiteau, 1952.



Solitary and colonial. Wall synapticulothecal, often irregularly developed, compact to subcompact. Seopthothecal thickenings absent or present. Costosepta compact to subcompact, formed by compound, divergent trabeculae, perforations mainly restricted to the axial region, compact peripherally. Lateral flanks of septa have granules that may significantly vary in size and shape, even within same specimen. Columella parietal, feebly developed. Endothecal dissepiments vesicular to subtabulate, generally sparse. Synapticulae numerous. Costae nearly smooth, granular, or crispate.


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