Duncan, 1863, p.439

Type Species

Thysanus excentricus Duncan, 1863, p.439, pl.16, fig.3a-c; Unknown Duncan, 1863:439

Type Specimen: Holotype; NHMUK R46814; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Jamaica (Neogene)

There are five specimens with the number R46814 at the Natural History Museum in London. I have considered the specimen illustrated by Duncan (1863, pl.16, fig.3a-c) to be the holotype, and the other four specimens to be paratypes.


  • Eastern Europe; Eocene
  • Caribbean; Miocene - Pliocene
  • Central America; Miocene
  • South America; Miocene
  • North America, Central America; Pliocene - Pleistocene
  • North America; Pliocene
  • Central America; Pliocene
  • Caribbean; Pliocene
Source: Paleobiology database (accessed June 25th, 2012). Historical distribution: Miocene-Pliocene., West Indies-North America (Wells, 1956). Distribution compiled by Matthew Tibbits.

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Holotype of Thysanus excentricus Duncan
Holotype of Thysanus excentricus Duncan
Paratype of Thysanus excentricus Duncan
Paratype of Thysanus excentricus Duncan

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