Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848, p. 494

Type Species

Astrea turonensis Michelin, 1847, p. 312, pl. 75, fig. 1, 2; Subsequent Designation Milne Edwards and Haime, 1850: xl

Type Specimen: Neotype; MNHN F.R10559; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Mantelan, Sainte-Maure (Indre-et-Loire), Langhian (Miocene)

The neotype was established by Chevalier, 1961, p. 267, although Chevalier assigned the species to the subgenus Palaeoplesiastrea of the genus Plesiastrea. Vaughan and Wells (1943) and Wells (1956) follow Felix' designation of A. turonensis as the type species of Solenastrea. However, Alloiteau (1957) does not retain A. turonensis as the type species of Solenastrea, but instead assigns Solenastrea hemprichiana Milne Edwards and Haime 1849, p. 121 (= Cyphastrea serailia) to be the type species of Solenastrea, as this was the first species listed by Milne Edwards and Haime 1849. The holotype of Solenastrea hemprichiana is in the collection of Michelin from the Red Sea, but this specimen could not be found at the MNHN in October 2007.



  • Eastern Europe; Eocene
  • Melanesia; Eocene
  • Southeast Asia; Eocene
  • Subsaharan Africa; Oligocene
  • Caribbean; Oligocene
  • Caribbean; Miocene - Pliocene
  • Western Europe; Miocene
  • Southern Europe; Miocene
  • Eastern Europe; Miocene
  • North Africa; Miocene
  • South Asia; Miocene
  • Caribbean; Miocene
  • South America; Miocene
  • West Asia; Miocene
  • Southeast Asia; Miocene
  • North America, Central America, Caribbean; Pliocene - Pleistocene
  • North America; Pliocene
  • Central America; Pliocene
  • Caribbean; Pliocene
  • North America; Pleistocene
  • Caribbean; Pleistocene
  • South America; Pleistocene
  • Western Pacific; Recent
  • North America; Holocene
  • Caribbean; Holocene
Source: Paleobiology database (accessed June 20th, 2012), Veron (2000). Distribution compiled by Matthew Tibbits.

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Neotype of Astrea turonensis Michelin, 1847