Lathuilière, 2000, p. 165

Type Species

Atelophyllia clermontei Lathuilière 2000: p. 165; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; FLA 11; Verified; Other

Type Locality: Flacé (Saône et Loire, France) ; Lower Bajocian Humphriesianum zone.

Repository: Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Nancy : Dry sample and 3 thin sections


Phaceloid corallum . Budding mode unknown, intramural ?. Subcircular corallites. Radial elements are compact, straight to flexuous, free, anastomosed, occasionally contratingent septa s.s. They are nearly not ornamented, attenuated or with parallel edges but generally enlarged toward the theca. The distal edge is steeply inclined and shows lobes or more rarely spines. In superficial sections inter-lobes should not be confused with pores. The phenomenon is especially developed in minor septa that appear disconnected from the wall in such sections. Septal microstructure with a straight median line with bundles of fibers more or less perpendicular to this median line on both sides of the septum. This structure is in perfect continuity with the theca made also of a double layer like septa. Septal apparatus in radial symmetry. Hexameral organization not always obvious. Endotheca made of steeply inclined tabulae, generally concave upward. The axial zone is occupied by inner edges of septa that join and form an axial structure, a parietal columella that can reach the stage of a spongious columella. No synapticules.


This genus was known only by two colonies. It was recently recognized from a Jurassic Klippe of Slovakia (Vrsatec, Carpathians)(Morycowa and Misik, 2005; Schlogl et al 2014)

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Atelophyllia clermontei
Paratype of Atelophyllia clermontei
Holotype of the type species of Atelophyllia
Holotype of the type species of Atelophyllia