Walch, 1775, p.42

Astroites Walch, 1775, p.42 is a nomen dubium (unavailable).

This genus is indicated as a nomen dubium because the types specimens are lost and the description is inadequate. The name hasn't been used in over 50 years.

Type Species

Madrepora denticularis Walch, 1775, p.45; Subsequent Designation Wells, 1986

Type Specimen: Unknown; ; Lost; Unknown

Walch (1775) indicates that M. denticularis is equivalent to Madrepora astroites Pallas 1776, #188, p.320. Both M. denticularis and M. astroites are based on Seba 1758, vol. 3, pl. 112, fig. 15, 19, 22. The specimens figured in Seba 1758 are lost.

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