Gregory, 1900, p. 164

Protethmos Gregory, 1900, p. 164 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Epistreptophyllum Milaschewitsch, 1876, p. 210.

available name but junior synonym of Epistreptophyllum

Type Species

Protethmos oldhami Gregory 1900: 164, pl. 18, figs. 10, 12, 13.; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Syntype; GSI N° 6754; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Middle Bathonian, Coral Bed, Jumara Dome, Kachchh, India

Syntypes described by Gregory (1900: 164, pl. 18, figs. 10, 12, 13); topotypes are described by Beauvais (1978: 59, pl. 4, figs. 4, 5) and best illustrated by Pandey and Fürsich 1993: 35, pl 8, figs. 6-8, 10.


A population study demonstrated that generic names of Protethmos, Metethmos and Frechia belong to a single highly variable species: Epistreptophyllum cornutiformis (Pandey and Lathuiliere 1997)


  • South Asia; Middle Jurassic
From Coral Bed (Jhurio Formation), Jumara Dome (Middle Bathonian) of the Kachchh Basin (India)

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