Turnšek, 1989: 85

Type Species

Pokljukosmilia tuvalica Turnšek, 1989: 85, pl. 5, fig.1-5, pl. 6, fig.1-3; Monotypy Turnšek, 1989: 85

Type Specimen: Holotype; P-854; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Pokljuka Mountain, Pokljuka-1475 (P-854), and P-852, North -West Slovenia. Tuvalian, Late Carnian



Phaceloid. Increase by subsymmetric division (fission). Epithecal wall pellicular. Axial fossula elongated. Septa not abundant, thin, differentiated into 3 (4) size orders. Septal sides with granulation. Endotheca dissepimental.Traces of microstructure in the form of a mid-septal line, which is continuous or, rarely, dissociated into points.


Descriptions of the type species (Turnšek and Buser 1989, Ramovš and Turnšek 1991), although based on thin sections, are very brief, because the material is deeply recrystallized.


Phaceloid corallum is similar to coralla of the species of Retiophyllia Cuif which are devoid apophyses. Corallite morphology, generally, is similar to morphologies occurring in Retiophyllia, differing in much elongated axial fossula. Any details of the skeleton structure cannot be compared due to a deep recrystallization of the skeleton.


Only one species is present in limestones of the late Carnian and early Norian.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
Tuvalian and Lac of the North-West Slovenia.

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