Tomes 1885, p. 183

Platastraea Tomes 1885, p. 183 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Complexastrea Orbigny, 1849, p. 10.

Type Species

Isastrea conybeari Milne-Edwards 1851, p. 113, pl. 22 fig. 4; Subsequent Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; ?; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) of Comb-Down near Bath (Great Britain)

In his initial paper, Tomes gives two species to define his new genus: Clausastrea pratti and Isastrea conybeari from the same locality. Nevertheless, he referred his samples to Platastraea conybeari (Edwards and Haime). The initial holotype by monotypy was not found and the following description derives from the samples of the Tomes' collection.



Massive corallum with a variable colonial structure cerioid to plocoid or thamnasterioid. Big corallites. Costulate lower surface without epitheca. Increase probably intracalicular and extracalicular. Radial elements are compact, free or anastomosed, bicuneiform or attenuated straight to curved costosepta. Distal edge not well preserved, inner edge anastomosed in depth of the axial zone. Lateral faces not observed, no pali Microstructure unknown. Hexameral symmetry not deciphered, bilateral symmetry sometimes poorly marked by curvature of septa. Endotheca made of vesicular and tabuloid dissepiments , columella absent to weak parietal, synapticulae absent, parathecal wall, not really a structural wall.


One nominal species

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specimen of Platastrea conybeari of the Tomes' collection
specimen of Platastrea conybeari of the Tomes' collection
specimen of Platastrea conybeari of the Tomes' collection