Beauvais, 1970, p. 1126

Phylloseriopsis Beauvais, 1970, p. 1126 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Paraphyllogyra Beauvais, 1970, p. 1117.

The type material of Phylloseriopsis and Paraphyllogyra originating from the same stratigraphic level belong to the same genus and are possibly two ecophenotypes of the same species. As first revisor, Lathuilière, Charbonnier and Pacaud (2017) considered Phylloseriopsis as the junior synonym (ICZN art. 24.2).

Type Species

Latimeandra tabulata Tomes 1882, p. 427; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Lectotype; NHMUK R10983; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) of Sheepscombe (Great Britain)

The lectotype was selected (fixation by inference of holotype ICZN art. 74.6) figured and redescribed in Beauvais 1970, p. 1126, pl. 2 fig. 8, pl. 3 fig. 1. The sample R10983 is simultaneously the type-specimen of Latimeandra tabulata Tomes and Oroseris incrustans Tomes, well named because it is incrusted upon the former. Unfortunately two small labels were attached on the sample but their position was inverted.



Massive meandroid corallum with short valleys. No ambulacrum but very often a discrete sulcus. Septa of valleys often present. Holotheca thick, folded and striated. Radial elements are compact free attenuated curved septa or costo-septa with a very short costal part. Distal edge with regular equal acute rhomboidal teeth, inner edge attenuated or rhopaloid, lateral faces with subvertical carinae. No pali. Microstructure probably montlivaltid (but no thin section available). Hexameral symmetry cannot be deciphered, bilateral symmetry marked with curvature of septa. Endotheca with numerous vesicular dissepiments. Axial zone occupied by a fossa. Synapticulae potentially present in the wall. Wall often in zigzag on the collines, externally very similar to that of Isastrea.


One nominal species


  • Western Europe; Middle Jurassic

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Lectotype of the type species of Phylloseriopsis
Lectotype of the type species of Phylloseriopsis
Lectotype of the type species of Phylloseriopsis
Lectotype of the type species of Phylloseriopsis

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