Gregory, 1900, p.153

Type Species

Archaeoseris thamnastroides Gregory, 1900: 153, pl. 17, fig. 2; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Syntype; GSI N° 6754; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Middle Bathonian, Coral Bed, Jumara Dome, Kachchh, India

The genus has not been revised ever since Gregory recorded from Kachchh.


Corallum colonial, lobo-meandroid, calices series marked by synapticulothecal wall along collines, intracalicular increase, Septal surface ornamented with granules and spinules. Columella absent. Lower surface covered with costae.


Gregory has compared this genus with Thamnastraea from which it differs mainly by absence of columella. Gregory’s comparison of this genus to Comoseris and Latimaeandra cannot be justified in lack of information about septal microarchitecture. Gregory’s distinction of this genus from Oroseris on the basis greater height and length of collines can also not be justified because we know that the magnitude of collines vary within individual of same species.


The septal microstructure of this genus is not known.


  • South Asia; Middle Jurassic
From Coral Bed (Jhurio Formation), Jumara Dome (Middle Bathonian) of the Kachchh Basin

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