Beauvais, 1972: 310

Archaeophyllia Beauvais, 1972: 310 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Retiophyllia Cuif, 1967: 125.

Archaeophyllia Beauvais, 1972 is junior subjective synonym of Retiophyllia Cuif, 1967. The type species of Archaeophyllia and Retiophyllia, both from the Rhaetian, although nominally representing Calamophyllia fenestrata Reuss, in reality represent two species. This chosen by Beauvais is Calamophyllia fenestrata Reuss. That chosen by Cuif in the Frech collection, by misunderstanding considered to be the Reuss species, renamed by Frech into Thecosmilia fenestrata Reuss, represents a different species which was given a new name, R. frechi. Roniewicz,1989:42.

Type Species

Calamophyllia fenestrata Reuss, 1854: 105; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; NHMW 148, Reuss collection; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Zlambach near to Alt-Aussee, Northern Calcareous Alps; Zlambach Beds, Rhaetian


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