Milaschewitsch, 1876, p. 228

Type Species

Haplaraea elegans Milaschewitsch, 1876, p. 229 pl. 51 fig. 2; Monotypy

Type Specimen: Syntype; SMNS 21874; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Nattheimer Schichten (Upper Jurassic, Germany)

The type-specimen is a silicified fossil. A complementary specimen 67656 from Gerstetten was sawn



Solitary corallum with subcylindrical corallites commonly exsert. Epitheca nearly absent, only some thin and scarce rhythmic rings. Costae subequal and coarsely and regularly dentate with round robust teeth. Radial elements are anastomosed costosepta perforate in the septal part to compact in the costal part, slightly bicuneiform straight to curved. Distal edge with regular teeth, inner edge with detached trabecules. Lateral faces with conical granules that can evolve into synapticulae. No palis. Trabecules arranged in fan system. Microstructure unknown. Hexameral symmetry not deciphered, bilateral symmetry potentially marked with curvature of septa, elongation of the corallite and of axial zone. Endotheca of vesicular dissepiments sloping down outward and inward, Columella spongious to papillose with cylindrical or slightly compressed papillae. Regularly synapticulate. No wall.


Four Jurassic and ten Cretaceous nominal species. Haplaraea was put in the synonymy of Diplaraea by Geyer (1954). This is quite understandable. In the situation of these two type-species coming from the same Upper Kimmeridgian localities, the colonial character is the only difference and as we know in several other families of corals we can consider several morphogenera within a single specific biological unit (Lathuilière 1976). Then the nomenclatural solution chosen here is to keep Haplaraea not as a phyletic genus, but as a morphogenus.


  • Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Caribbean; Middle Jurassic - Late Cretaceous

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Syntype of Haplaraea elegans, type species of the genus
Syntype of Haplaraea elegans, type species of the genus
Syntype of Haplaraea elegans, type species of the genus
Syntype of Haplaraea elegans, type species of the genus

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