Cuif, 1976: 108

In adddition to Meandrina Lamarck, the species classified in Latomeandra Milne Edwards et Haime, or Isastrea Milne Edwards et Haime

Type Species

Meandrina labyrinthica Klipstein, 1843:292, pl. 20, fig.9; Monotypy Cuif, 1976: 108

Type Specimen: Neotype; GBA 4452; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: St. Cassian, Dolomites , Southern Alps. Carnian, Late Triassic

Cuif 1976 chose the neotype in the Laube collection, figured in Laube 1865:pl.6,fig.4,4a.



Mendroid with irregular calicular series. Septa compact, short, built of trabeculae vertical at the wall and inclined axialward. Lateral micromorphology granular, pointed or flat and pennula-like. Wall septothecal. Endotheca vesicular.


The mirphology and microstructure of the type species was described and illustrated by Cuif 1976:100,text-fig.9,10;pl.6,fig.1-7.


From other meandroid Triassic corals differs in short septa, lack of columella and mixed septal micromorphology composed of granules and pennulae.


One species is known.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
Known only from the Carnian of the Dolomites

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