Roniewicz, 1989:103

In the literature, corals of this genus can be found among Allocoeniopsis Alloiteau, Astrocoenia Milne Edwards et Haime, Prionastrea Milne Edwards et Haime, Stephanocoenia Milne Edwards et Haime, Actinastrea d'Orbigny, Isastrea Milne Edwards et Haime, Cyathocoenia Duncan.

Type Species

Prionastraea schafhaeutli Winkler, 1861: 488, pl.8, fig. 11; Original Designation Roniewicz, 1989:103

Type Specimen: Holotype; BSPG AS XV 1; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Northern Calcarous Alps, Kothalp, Koessen Beds, Rhaetian

Frech’s originals from Kothalp are housed at BSPG AS XII 40-44. Additional material from Fisherwiese is housed at GBA and NMHW; material from the Gosaukamm: NHMW.



Plocoid to cerioid composed of small corallites; costae solid or discontinuous, septa solid; septal trabeculae thinner than costal ones; anastomosis between S2 and S3 septa is present; single paliform projections at S2 septa; septal sides with sharp granulation; internal septal edge regularly denticulated with trabecular projections; columella monotrabecular; endotheca tabuloid; exotheca dissepimental, vesicular. Wall zigzag.


First morphological description was that in Frech 1890: 36-37. In details, with microstructural features, described by Roniewicz 1989:104 (with synonymy).


From all Actinastrea-like genera differs in formation of peritheca, and in having trabeculae strongly differentiated into small septal and very thick costal ones.


Three well defined species and two taxa in open nomenclature were described from the Rhaetian in the Alps. Among Early Jurassic corals, some of species attributed to Allocoeniopsis Alloiteau and Cyathocoenia Duncan have features typical of Chondrocoenia Roniewicz.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
  • Central Europe; Late Triassic
  • Central Asia; Late Triassic
  • North America; Late Triassic
Late Triassic: Rhaetian of the Alps, Carpathians, Pamirs; Norian of the North America (Stanley, 1986). Lower Jurassic: Hettangian of the West and South Europe (Kiessling et al. 2009)

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