Wells, 1933, p. 39

Type Species

Adkinsella edwardsensis Wells, 1933, p. 39, pl. 1, figs 1-4, pl. 3, figs 9-11; Original Designation Wells, 1933

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Upper Albian (Fredericksburg Group) of Texas, USA.

The holotype is housed under BEG-34090 at TMM, Austin, TX. An additional specimen of the original collection is the paratype UT-21343.




Solitary, ?turbinate to subcylindrical; ?rootlets present; septa compact; one slightly longer septum present in juvenile stage, becoming less dominant in later ontogenetical stages; lateral flanks of septa smooth or have very fine granulae which sometimes appear to be aligned in wavy ridges that are longitudinal (distally) to horizontal (towards axial part of corallite); columella absent but trabecular extensions of axial edges of septa might form a pseudo-columella; lonsdaleoid septa and apophysal septa present, mainly occurring in lower part of corallum; large vesicular dissepiments sparse, mainly restricted to peripheral part of corallum; wall compact, shows similarities to marginotheca; epitheca s.l. present; developments of wall internally thickened by stereome irregularly present.


Material described from the Middle Jurassic of India (Patcham Fm, Jumara Dome) as Lophosmilia tenuicaulata (Gregory, 1900) (see Pandey and Fursich, 1993, pl. 6, figs. 2a-b, and 4a-5b) seems to show close affinities to the genus Adkinsella.


The drawing of the holotype of the type species by Wells (1956) most likely does not correspond to the specimen regarding the growth form of its basal part but appears to show non-corallite debris attached to the corallum. As can be seen in what appears to be the juvenile part of the corallum on the backside of the type specimen (BEG-34090), there are neither visible rootlets (as assumed by Wells) nor does the corallum shape appear to be turbinate.----Also see Remarks under Hexasmiliopsis.


  • Southern Europe; Early Cretaceous
  • North America; Early Cretaceous

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Adkinsella edwardsensis Wells, 1933, holotype
Adkinsella edwardsensis Wells, 1933, holotype
Adkinsella edwardsensis Wells, 1933, juvenile part of holotype
Adkinsella edwardsensis Wells, 1933, holotype

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