Orbigny, 1850, vol. 2, p. 278

Type Species

Astrea elegans Goldfuss, 1826: 69, pl. 23, fig. 6; Original Designation d'Orbigny, 1850: 278

Type Specimen: Syntype; ; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Maastrichtian of the Netherlands (Maastricht).

The type material of the type species is in the inventory of IPB (Bonn) under 231 a and b.



Colonial, massive, cerioid or subplocoid; gemmation extracalicinal and intracalicinal; costosepta compact with rare pores, confluent or nonconfluent; columella trabecular or absent; endothecal and perithecal dissepiments thin, vesicular; wall synapticulothecal and septoparathecal with pores.


  • Central Europe; Late Cretaceous
  • Caribbean; Late Cretaceous

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Actinhelia elegans (Goldfuss, 1826), syntype
Actinhelia elegans (Goldfuss, 1826)