Alloiteau, 1958, p. 73

Bathmosmilia is considered here as a very probable junior synonym of Axosmilia

Type Species

Bathmosmilia hourcqi Alloiteau 1958 p. 73; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; MNHN M05017; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Bathonian-Callovian (Middle Jurassic) of Soaravikely (Madagascar)

the holotype is a dry specimen transversally polished at the proximal side. The paratype is sectioned and polished transversally.



Solitary corallum, more or less cylindrical (with rejuvenations on the holotype and on the paratype) with a conical proximal part. Probably covered by a tectura with trabecular vertical striation crossing the growth lines. Probably originally an infundibuliform calicular platform. Elliptical corallite. Radial elements are compact bicuneiform costosepta, straight to curved according to the bilateral plan. Strong bilateral symmetry especially marked by the lamellar long columella. Larger septa are connected at the columella in depth. The maximum thickness of radial elements is not located at the wall. A rather straight mid-septal line is clearly visible and laminar layers thicken the septa especially in the maximum thickness zone of larger septa and in their inner edge where they give a club appearance. Axial symmetry difficult to decipher unambiguously in term of systems and size order. Lateral faces poorly ornamented of very small granules without a simple geometrical organisation. Endotheca made of dissepiments, steeply inclined and concave inward near the wall closer to horizontal in the axial region. Wall made of thin vertical trabeculae (as in Pleurosmilia). No synapticule, no pali.


  • North Africa; Middle Jurassic
  • Subsaharan Africa; Middle Jurassic
  • West Asia; Middle Jurassic
Only the nominal genus is taken into account for the distribution.

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Holotype of the type species of Bathmosmilia
Paratype of the type species of Bathmosmilia
Holotype of the type species of Bathmosmilia
Paratype of the type species of Bathmosmilia

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