Wells, 1937 (pro Heterophyllia d'Orbigny, 1850 non McCoy, 1849)

Taxogyra Wells, 1937 (pro Heterophyllia d'Orbigny, 1850 non McCoy, 1849) is a replacement taxon for Heterophyllia Orbigny, 1850, p. 208.

Type Species

Meandrina macroreina Michelin, 1847: 292; Original Designation Wells, 1937: 74

Type Specimen: Holotype; M00368; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Santonian of France (Aude).

The holotype of the type species is housed at MNHN (Paris) under M00368.




Colonial, massive, meandroid. Budding intracalicular (-polystomodaeal), resulting in long sinuous calicinal series, separated by flattened collines. Ambulacra absent. Costosepta compact, confluent, laterally covered by various types of granules such as spiniform, rounded, paddle-shaped, and carina-like. Columella lamellar, discontinuous. Endothecal dissepiments abundant. No synapticulae. Wall parathecal to septoparathecal.


Affinities. The genus Taxogyra Wells is closely related to Astrogyra Felix, but is distinguished from the latter in lacking ambulacra.


  • Southern Europe; Late Cretaceous
  • Central Europe; Late Cretaceous
Cretaceous: France, Austria, Spain.

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Taxogyra macroreina Michelin, 1847, Felix collection at the GBA