Prever, 1909, p. 139

Type Species

Aulastraeopora deangelisi Prever, 1909: 139; Subsequent Designation Wells, 1936: 111

Type Specimen: Syntype; ; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Upper Aptian of Italy.

The type material is housed at PU (Torino) under 17942-17947.




Solitary, cylindrical, ?free. Septa compact, strong, small in number. Thin apophyses extend from axial ends of septa and from dissepiments closest to the calicular centre. Endothecal dissepiments vesicular in the marginal region, tabular in the axial area. No columella. Wall septothecal.


Prever (1909, p. 136) created the genus Aulastraeopora for both solitary and colonial forms with identical development of the calicular apparatus. Later, L. Beauvais (1976a, p. 25) separated the colonial representatives, for which she established the genus Preverastraea.


  • Southern Europe; Early Cretaceous - Late Cretaceous
  • East Asia; Early Cretaceous
  • North America; Early Cretaceous
  • Central Europe; Late Cretaceous

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Aulastraeopora deangelisi Prever, 1909