Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848, p. 494

Type Species

Lithodendron gemmans Michelin, 1846: 305; Subsequent Designation Milne Edwards and Haime, 1849: 310

Type Specimen: Syntype; B14278 and R09358; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Turonian of France (St. Croix).

The syntypes of the type species are housed at MNHN (Paris), formerly under M-459, Michelin collection.




Colonial, subplocoid to subphacelo-dendroid. Corallites cylindrical, very short, with coenosteum between them formed by costae and exothecal dissepiments. Costosepta compact or subcompact, granulated. Pali opposite all but last cycle. Wall dense, synapticulothecal. Columella papillose. Endothecal dissepiments thin.


  • Southern Europe, Central Europe; Early Cretaceous - Late Cretaceous
  • North America; Early Cretaceous
  • Central America; Early Cretaceous

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Pleurocora reptans (Pocta, 1887), holotype, photograph courtesy Dr. Eliasova
Pleurocora gemmans (Michelin, 1846), syntype