Tomes, 1882, p. 430

Type Species

Symphyllia etheridgei Duncan, 1872 p. 19 pl. 6 fig. 5-8; Subsequent Designation Wells 1936, p. 124

Type Specimen: Lectotype; NHMUK R 2169; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) of Crickley (Gloucestershire, Great Britain)

The lectotype selected by Wells 1936 and wrongly named holotype by Beauvais 1970 was figured and redescribed in (Beauvais 1970) p. 1116, pl. 1 fig. 3. It is a dry specimen with some polished parts. The sample R 11007 of the Tomes' collection is a more developed colony, which gives good complements.



Massive meandroid corallum with short valleys. Septa of valleys not always present. No ambulacrum, just sometimes a small sulcus on the collines. Poorly elevated tholiform collines. No holotheca observed. Intracalicinal increase producing sinuous valleys with only one center in the width of the valley. New corallites occur also between valleys. Radial elements are compact free bicuneiform or attenuated, often curved, sometimes straight, confluent or not confluent on the collines. Distal edge with regular teeth (not well preserved on the lectotype); some trifid teeth typical for Montlivaltids observed at distal inner edge, lateral faces with acute granules or carinae(?), no pali. Montlivaltid microstructure. Hexameral symmetry cannot be deciphered, bilateral symmetry visible with curvature of septa. Endotheca made of dissepiments, columella absent, axial zone with a small fossa, synapticulae absent. Parathecal wall between valleys.


The genus is very close of Complexastrea but meandroid.


Two nominal species, one reclassified in Paraphyllogyra.


  • Western Europe; Middle Jurassic
  • South America; Middle Jurassic

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Lectotype of the type species of Phyllogyra
Lectotype of the type species of Phyllogyra
Lectotype of the type species of Phyllogyra
Lectotype of the type species of Phyllogyra

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